Pro Tip: You Are Leaving Money On The Table And You Don't Even Know It

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In this article, I will provide two tips on how you can increase the exposure for your website. The first one you may be aware of straight away and the other one may not be so common.

There are a number of social media sharing services and it s the standard if you have a Wordpress site. There is one service called ShareThis which lets you embed a code in your web page that will automatically place social media buttons. You are able to customize which social media pages you want to promote. If you want Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you can include only these icons. They have a number of additional social media icons that you can include and you may want to consider them based on the feedback from your audience.

The second option I want to mention is a bit off the beaten path but that you need to tattoo in your marketing brain. You need to make sure you keep a marketing funnel mindset. This means that you are trying to move visitors through your website in a way that capitalizes on the content you have to offer. Here is one of the best times to ask your clients for money, it is right after they have already bought from you. If you have any clients that have bought from you recently, you can quickly direct them to another product on your website or send them an email about with another offer that may appeal to them. This technique is used in marketing all the time and you will be surprised at the improved conversion rates from this tactic.

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