Frequency Sales Optimization

How To Drive Your Business With Content Marketing

More Money, Same Customers

When is the best time to sell to one of your customers?

You really need to know the answer to this question because it really depends on what you are selling.

One example is that when you are selling retail items, you want to make sure that you sell to your customer right after they have made a purchase on your website. They are already primed to purchse from you and it would be a great opportunity to sell to them again. You need to make sure you have communications set up to continually reach out to them to close more sales. The default target revenue for your email list should be at minimum $1 per sucriber. You can increase the revenue you have per email over time. This only happens when you post additional content with increase frequency.

We have a template for creating consistent content based on the needs of your customers. We have an in-depth review process including how you want to project yourself and your target revenue goals. We can immediately start generating profit based on the current emails you have in your database. There is no limit to the increased revenue as we both target ways to increase the number of subscribers and teh number of subscribers. We take a holistic approach to drive additional revenue for the online portion of your business.